L’Oréal pays the warmest tribute ever made to any woman.
A mirror.
Four hidden cameras.
40 real women.
One big surprise.
For the 40th anniversary of the famous claim of L’Oréal “Bacuse you’re worth it”, we have given a very special tribute to real women. You’re worth it women.
And we’ve made it by surprise, through their mirror, a symbol of beauty, the witness that sees them facing life every day.
We searched for real women: fighters, dreamers, courage mothers… who face life with an attitude and answer to the “you’re worth it” ideal. A selection was made.
The tributes to the selected women are prepared. We contacted their families and summoned them to interview them.
They tell us anecdotes form their childhood, tell us their virtues… what the protagonist means for them… and with this information, we prepare the tribute.
We build a mirror exactly alike the one in the beauty salon where we are going to give the tributes. They are fixed to hide a screen to play the tributes by surprise… and hidden cameras are installed in the room to capture the moment.
A close friend of the protagonist acts as a bait. The D-Day she talks her into going to the beauty salon where everything is ready for the surprise. A complete beauty treatment awaits. She gets her hair done, her make-up... and when she is almost ready, we leave her alone in the room and launch the tribute.  A big surprise: laughs, tears, and above all,  emotion.
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