Me importas / Proyecto Inacabado (Unfinished Project)

12 of the best spanish illustrators and designers collaborate with non-profit organization ME IMPORTAS in PROYECTO INACABADO (Unfinished Project), a promotion and consciousness-raising project with which we want to make our need to count on stable funds visible. Stable funds that allow us to cover our projects from the beginning till the end. Ricardo Cavolo, Aitor Saraiba, Berto Martínez, Conrad Roset, Amaia Arrazola, Lyona, Chamo San, Sara Morante, Fosca Bertrán, Andrés Lozano, Jorge Acuña and Teresa Cano have collaborate with a charity calendar, reminding us, with every of their unfinished projects, that without an stable fund ME IMPORTAS projects can also stay unfinished.

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